What do you need to know about us? Jobba Trade Technologies is a technology company that develops innovative software to better support roofing contractors. We are a group of talented software developers led by a highly experienced leadership team who decided to build a better roofing software solution, from the ground up.

With years of experience designing and building similar tools, we understand what works and what doesn’t, and we had a clear vision of how our new roofing management software could streamline business processes and help you grow your roofing company.

We asked roofers to help us build Jobba

We went to our roofing company contacts and asked them where their existing software was letting them down, and which features we should focus on improving (or creating!) and then we set about building Jobba.

After a complete re-evaluation of existing roofing software, we realized that:

As the roofing trade evolves, new technologies, such as drones that detect structural integrity and moisture, can be difficult to integrate into inflexible software solutions

It was too modular, and the modules didn’t integrate well so that workers were required to repeat actions (such as entering data) multiple times, leading to data entry errors, inconsistencies and inefficient use of their time

Our friends in roofing also asked for an easier to learn interface, which didn’t require hours of training

As your roofing business grows, it’s critical that your software scales up easily to provide the support you need

Speaking of support, the roofing contractors we conferred with all requested 24/7, easy to access support for when they encounter any issue with the software

We listened and are proud to say we have addressed each of these major concerns with our flexible, intuitive, integrated interface that scales as you grow, and by offering support whenever you need it.

We are very excited to introduce Jobba, a new roofing management software that will revolutionize the way roofing contractors run their businesses.   

You really should watch our demo – see Jobba in action! 

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