Admin team

Office Manager - Admin Assistant - Accountant - Bookkeeper

One of the most common problems for the front/back office, accounting and administrative staffs is miscommunication. Jobba provides seamless, real-time communication between field crews and the main office.With one system that allows employees to share and update any file out in the field or at the office, there are significantly fewer inconsistencies and data entry errors, and, of course, vastly improved efficiency and cash flow. In addition, the accounting team will like how Jobba speeds up the finance and accounting processes.

  • Share and update any file out in the field or at the office in one centralized system
  • Reduce inconsistencies and data entry errors which lead to costly accounting and customer service issues
  • Improve sales processes, overall efficiency and quote accuracy
  • Create accurate and detailed service tickets and monitor progress for invoicing
  • Provide timely, detailed invoices to improve cash flow and shorten pay cycles
  • Speed up the finance and accounting processes
  • Streamline timekeeping and payroll

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