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HubSpot Contact Association Labels

These definitions are designed for any Jobba team member who needs to organize their prospect/customer contact relationships with us/Jobba. Contact associations will allow us to create reports and send targeted emails by creating lists in Hubspot. Keep in mind, contacts can have multiple association labels.
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Customer Request SOP

To ensure all Customer Requests are processed, accounted for, and have complete transparency they will need to come through Support where a Zendesk ticket will be created.
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Jobba Product Catalog v5.1

Access or share the most recent Jobba proposal product catalog anytime at HTTPS://JOBBA.COM/CATALOG.

- Jobba Onboarding
- Jobba Support
- Jobba Package Options
- Standard Component Descriptions
- Optional Tool Descriptions
- Consulting Services
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Swag Box Request Form

Inform Marketing when you would like to send a Jobba swag box to 1-2 people - prospects, clients, or partners. Please read the Swag Box Process document before using this form.
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Quick Document Template Guidelines

Jobba allows you to create custom, professional document templates that align with your company's brand.

- Access the Template Editor
- Fonts, Colors
- Logos, Background Images
- Page Layout, Image Grids
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Quick Support Guide

The Jobba Support Team is entirely U.S. based. We offer a range of services that will keep our customer’s businesses running efficiently.

- Support Availability
- Support Response Times and Labor
- Support Definitions
- Extended Support
- Software Updates and Upgrades
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Jobba Data Migration Options

Jobba Data Migration Options Flyer

Data migration services are available to collect and move data from one or more systems to Jobba. Data can include client/vendor information, locations, properties, contacts, elements, deficiencies and materials. Jobba Trade Technologies will assist you in migrating your data from an XLS or CSV file to Jobba.
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