Is It Time To Upgrade To Roofing Software?

This is a big decision! – so before diving in, make sure you know what you are getting yourself and your company into. This is an important investment that needs to check all the “business management” boxes. Roofing software is a cloud-based business management software designed exclusively for the roofing industry. It was created to help roofing companies, contractors, and their various teams effectively and efficiently manage tasks and roofing projects.

Roofing Software brings up the question, “Why is it better than what I’ve been doing for years?” Many business owners—including roofing contractors—have had the same question. Because your business handles so many different projects of different sizes and scopes, it’s not surprising that vital information can fall through the cracks. Using a self-made process requires using multiple apps and platforms to ensure jobs are completed, which prohibits you from being able to handle simple tasks easily and efficiently.

Roofing CRMs, like Jobba, allow you to handle all aspects of your business without switching from platform to platform. Your roofing team can easily manage customers and leads, access aerial measurements, handle billing details, and more—all in one location.

Roofing software can also help you understand where your business might be having problems. It helps identify if projects aren’t sticking to timelines, missing details/documents, delayed sales, and much more.

When considering upgrading to roofing software or changing software providers, there are questions that need to be answered.

What areas need to be improved?

Arguably, the most vital question needing to be asked is, “What areas of my business are experiencing problems?” You need to look at what areas need additional attention. The features found within roofing technology can help you address ongoing issues and provide efficient solutions to help step up your roofing business. 

What solutions fit your processes?

Not all CRMs are designed to meet the same needs. While some have been created to meet the specific needs of roofers, others are broad enough to be used for a number of industries and trades. You need to evaluate how you handle your current business processes, what you would like to change, and what future you see for your business.

Taking time to give your processes an in-depth review can give you a deeper understanding of what you should look for in a roofing CRM. It is important to choose software that helps you achieve your business goals but needs to be quickly and easily adopted by everyone.

What are your company’s goals?

Your business goals help you determine things like how many new employees you want to hire, how you should go about opening a new location, or what tactics to try to bring in more revenue. No matter what goals you have for your roofing company, they can be a factor when deciding to upgrade to roofing software.

Some CRMs don’t provide tools to help with business growth and achieving your goals. Roofing software is designed to do just that. Solutions like Jobba can help you easily reach new heights with components that:

  • Streamline processes across multiple locations
  • Track new revenue and sales performance
  • Keep teams connected
  • And more

Whether you are a small family roofing contractor or a multi-location, massive roofing organization, roofing software can help your business thrive. When deciding if it’s time to upgrade to roofing software or looking to change software providers, remember to do your research to ensure you are investing in the right solution for your business. 

Jobba could be the answer you are looking for, especially with our new solution, Jobba Go. Jobba Go is perfect for getting contractors up and running with roofing software in less time. It includes access to a pre-configured solution based on industry best practices, including all of the standard features and functionality in the Jobba platform. 

Interested in seeing if it is time to upgrade to Jobba’s all-in-one roofing solution? Check out our 5 Minute Demo Video!

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