Is Your Roofing Company Positioned as a Trusted Advisor?

The more information you can provide to a potential customer about their roofs, the more likely it is that you’ll win their trust (and their money).

Commercial property managers can have portfolios ranging from several buildings to hundreds. And, guess what? They usually have a pretty big budget to match. Now the question is, how do you position your company as the best option to regularly service their buildings? How do you stand out amongst a sea of other contractors?

The answer – by providing actionable DATA. They want to be sure you have the tools to know their roofs, what they need, when they need it, and how much it will cost. Plus, they want to be able to manage and manipulate this data to present it internally to their “higher-ups” (like a CFO or President). Can you imagine how good your data will make them look? And how valuable that can be for your company?

Using roofing software to present complex building data to your customers (in an easy-to-understand way) may just be the edge your company needs…

Let’s talk and see how we can get you there.

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