Jobba Deploys Its Largest Release Yet

Chicago, IL—January 10, 2023—Jobba, the roofing industry’s leading software provider, recently deployed its newest release, V2022.1 Cedar PLUS PLUS – the largest yet, with over 900 items included. Jobba’s mission is to provide the most innovative, up-to-date technology to contractors and help improve their bottom line.

The release offers users a variety of new features and enhancements that allow contractors to do business the way they want. Jobba’s Chief Technology Officer, Dan Mihai, discusses features that give roofing professionals more flexibility and freedom.

“Contractors focused on managing their business book according to profitability metrics and goals can now rely on Jobba’s new Proposal Profitability Analysis interactive dashboard. It is available when assembling Time & Materials proposals, which calculate per-category and composite margin values (dollar amounts and percentages) based on costs and predefined overhead percentages across materials, labor, and equipment rentals. This feature gives these contractors the tools and the flexibility they need to optimize their business objectives more effectively,” says Mihai.

Another major feature the Cedar Plus Plus Release offers is visual scheduling. Dennis Keglovits, Jobba’s Chief Customer Officer, explains visual scheduling and its benefits.

“With Jobba’s new feature, Visual Scheduling, roofing contractors can now visualize all job locations and crew assignments on an interactive map, and then schedule, reschedule, and optimize their crews’ workloads based on location, crew type, and job priority. Used properly, this feature alone can maximize the contractors’ work capacity – especially in busy times – to capture more sales opportunities, minimize non-productive travel time, and ultimately increase profits,” says Keglovits.

Other features and enhancements from the Cedar Plus Plus Release Include:

  • Powerboard Enhancements: The Powerboard has been enhanced to improve its functionality and make scheduling smoother.
  • Document Enhancements: Jobba has restructured data to be able to produce more robust and clear inspection, service, estimate proposals, and invoice templates.
  • Improved User Experience: Jobba has made numerous improvements to enhance overall user experience and functionality.
  • Improved Communication: Jobba has enhanced workflows to give users improved communication.

To get the complete rundown of Jobba’s Cedar PLUS PLUS Release, you can find the full release details here. If you’re a current user, contact your Jobba specialist today to get started and have your questions answered.

About Jobba
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