Why Your Roofing Company Needs an Insurance Claims Specialist

In the last couple of weeks, the United States has seen a crazy number of severe winter storms in almost every region. Because of this, many homeowners and business owners are experiencing roof leaks, shingle damage, cracks, and—in some extreme cases—roofs totally collapsing. So the faster you can get to work, the better for everyone.

In these emergency situations, the last thing you want to do is wait around for insurance adjusters to evaluate the area. Outside parties can often take too long to return information or fail to get back in touch with you altogether, leading to an inefficient evaluation process and potentially losing jobs. 

Here we will break down why contractors should employ their own roofing insurance claims specialist and how it ultimately benefits the overall business.

They provide accuracy and precision

In the aftermath of a storm, the scope of roof damage can be anywhere from incredibly noticeable to almost invisible to the naked eye. This is why it’s important to have staff members who know how to properly identify damage and evaluate the repairs needed to address the problem and prevent further deterioration. 

While many roofing contractors have their knowledgeable estimators inspect the damage, having someone who has had extensive training and experience on the team can help ensure an accurate assessment for both the customer and the insurance company. With an in-house insurance claims specialist, your roofing company can feel confident in the process and that your customers stay satisfied.

They keep things efficient

When roofing damage occurs, your roofing company is at the mercy of the homeowner or business owner’s insurance company, slowing down or putting a pause on starting the production process. However, with an in-house insurance claims specialist, you won’t have to waste time waiting around for an insurance company’s claims representative to get back to you before you can get started working.

By having your own claims expert, you are able to get started evaluating a location’s damage and estimating repair costs immediately—speeding up your sales process and closing deals faster. These specialists also come in handy when big storms (like the ones we have experienced in 2021) have wreaked havoc on many homes or businesses and you are faced with a growing number of roofing repair requests. Hiring an insurance claim expert can simplify the assessment process and stop you from wasting valuable time.

They help boost your credibility

Of course, increasing efficiency and accuracy are major benefits of having an insurance claims specialist on the payroll. But the biggest positive of them all is that they provide your roofing business with a lot of additional credibilities—with customers AND insurance companies. Adding these types of experts to your company provides other parties with a sense of confidence because they know they are receiving accurate information. 

Insurance companies often accept claims at a higher rate if the assessment is completed by an accredited, in-house expert. Customers are also more likely to use a contractor if they know that there is an insurance claims specialist on staff, mainly because it reduces the number of contacts they have to maintain to get their claim approved. Both of these parties are also more likely to recommend your company to others looking for a contractor who can conduct an insurance claim evaluation, leading to more business for your roofing company. 

When a big storm affects your community, your roofing business can help ease customers’ minds, while still increasing your overall revenue. Jobba’s roofing software also provides your claims experts with the right tools to help them get requests approved faster. Take the time to consider and research adding an insurance claims specialist to your roofing team and open doors to new opportunities. 

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