Over the past several years, Jobba has made a name for itself as an innovative roofing software solution. But it has certainly been a long road since we started as FCS Roofing Software.


Before Jobba became the powerhouse roofing technology provider it is today, it was originally known as FCS Roofing Software.

Developed in 2006, FCS was one of the first all-in-one roofing CRM systems on the market. It was designed with the goal of giving contractors the best tools that would help their business grow. The features were designed to help complete jobs and drive more business.

For over 10 years FCS continued to help contractors succeed, while solidifying itself as a roofing software contender.


Despite FCS having a well-rounded reputation in the roofing industry, the Jobba Trade Technologies‘ team wanted to create a revolutionary roofing CRM like no one had ever seen before.

As we began the process of creating a new software solution, we knew we needed the experts to guide us. We then began working closely with some of the industry’s leading roofing contractors. By identifying common problems and needs, we were able to develop a roofing software platform that houses state-of-the-art features and tools to help solve the challenges roofing teams face on a daily basis. 

And thus, Jobba was born!

A mORE ADVANCED ROOFING Software solution

Over the past few years, Jobba (much like FCS) has gained notoriety and authority within the roofing world and is currently considered a top competitor for other leading roofing CRMs.

Jobba’s roofing technology is equipped with tools that help contractors: 

  • Record damage and deficiencies
  • Electronically send contracts
  • Effectively manage new and past leads
  • Monitor job progress
  • Stay connected (in the office and in the field)
  • And much more!

Today, Jobba continues to evolve and establish new methods and innovative tools that will work for all roofing businesses—big and small.

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