The exclusive JOBBA Inspection tool gives Roofing Contractors the ability to create a complete roof inspection using an easy-to-use cloud-based solution. The JOBBA Inspection tool can be used for standard roof inspections and the GAF WellRoof® Guarantee Extension program.


Simple Package

  • Comprehensive inspection app that generates a professional, branded report
  • Intuitive, step-by-step inspection process
  • Built-in GAF WellRoof® inspection process
  • Easy to capture, document and share information with customers & GAF
  • Simple to organize customers by property, contact and company
  • Capture data even while offline

PRO Package

All Simple Package features, plus:

  • Warranty program management tools*
  • Maintenance program management tools*
  • JOBBA PowerBoard scheduling*
  • Deficiency library
  • Advanced sales functionality including Tasks, Deals, and Communications
  • Customizable proposal templates



  • Grow your business by identifying opportunity during inspection & maintenance checks
  • Perform inspections more efficiently and save time
  • Utilize an easy-to-use GAF WellRoof® guarantee checklist
  • Deliver professional inspection reports to your customers … every time!


  • Exclusive deal for GAF Master Select, Master, PCS & CMP Contractors
  • Includes setup/implementation, product training, training materials and live webinars
  • Ongoing Customer Support and product updates
  • 40% of purchase can be credited towards additional Jobba tools


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