Hot Roof is the ultimate roof measuring software. Capture vital roofing info with the touch of a button

One of Jobba’s many roofing software tools, Hot Roof, allows you to record the essential data you need to start your project without having to spend hours in the sun or making multiple site visits.

Get everything you need in one trip

When you need accurate roof measuring software – the Hot Roof tool uses state of the technology to take note of every job detail—all through your mobile device or tablet.

Document Damage

No matter how major or minor, Hot Roof documents all roofing deficiencies and damage during your initial inspection so you can deliver correct estimates and project completion dates.

Record Measurements

Jobba's Hot Roof tool is the easiest and fastest way to record aerial measurements of a job site and add them to the job record, making material ordering a breeze.

Capture Photos

Your inspection teams can take photos of the site’s original state as well as any damage and upload them to the job record in Jobba to share with necessary team members.

Set your teams up for success

Sometimes important pieces of information can get lost or aren’t communicated to the right team members. 

With Hot Roof, all crews and project team members will have access to the most up-to-date and accurate information so they know what to expect.

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