Roofing inspections made easy

The Inspection tool is a simple-to-use feature that assists you with managing new requests, performing inspections and auto-generating reports to get projects started off on the right foot.

A quicker way to schedule inspections

Use the latest in roofing technology to find available team members. Jobba’s Inspection tool is the fastest way to schedule the necessary teams to conduct inspections. 

No more need to send countless emails or pick up the phone just to confirm availability. When team members have been assigned to an inspection, our roofing software tools will notify them immediately and it will be added to their calendar.

Ensure nothing falls through the cracks

Trying to keep track of all your projects’ special requirements can be difficult. The Inspection tool allows you to create checklists that are customizable for every job and every task. This will help the labor crews going on-site know what needs attention, what to keep an eye for and to document project progress.

Deliver accurate estimates instantly

Eliminate waiting for additional information from a customer or for other team members to get back to you. 

Jobba’s Inspection tool records a roof’s damage and aerial measurements, applies it to a customer’s proposal and provides an error-free estimate.

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