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Jobba is a cloud-based roofing software solution designed exclusively for the roofing industry. Whether it’s for helping sales deliver accurate estimates, keeping service on schedule, multiplying inspections, or providing vital details to office staff, Jobba’s software does it all. Jobba also connects all areas of your business and creates connectivity to complementary applications so that everyone sees the same thing and speaks the same language.

Jobba has been providing fully integrated, cloud-based roofing software for 15 years. Based on this experience, Jobba wanted to create a new solution to take your customer to the last invoice all within one platform – eliminating the need for multiple systems and duplicate data entry.

Our roofing software provides commercial and residential roofers with the tools they need to get to work and was created to be easily navigated by contractors — especially for those who don’t have extensive technical expertise, making adoption a breeze.

With Jobba, you can automate time-consuming manual processes and focus on growing your business.


Register for our No-Hassle Demo to watch a live demo of Jobba Go! You will see Jobba in action from entering a client all the way to invoicing and includes a live Q&A with a product specialist.

Jobba Exclusive Features

‘Powerboard’ Scheduling

Jobba’s Powerboard roofing scheduling tool helps you view each job’s progress as it moves through each milestone. Easily view crew and team members’ workloads to determine who has the capability to perform the work requested before assigning it. Plus, the color-coded system makes tracking service tickets to completion easier than ever.

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‘Hot Roof’ Offline Mode

Be able to work anywhere, anytime without WiFi. Jobba’s enabled Hot Roof mode allows you to work offline when WiFi isn’t available to you (on the roof or in remote locations). This feature will help to retain and keep your field technicians happy with this first-of-its-kind functionality in the roofing industry.

Built-In Microsoft Power BI Reporting and Data Analytics

Utilize Jobba’s integrated Microsoft Power BI visual reporting & data analytics tool to make more informed decisions, while assessing your overall business health. Pre-built reports and comprehensive, color-coded charts and graphics help contractors to visualize data instead of having to sort through and interpret tons of information on a spreadsheet to easily identify and focus on areas of interest or departments that may need improvement.

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Multiply Inspections

Build Customer Relationships

Accelerate Your Growth

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"Can't recommend Jobba enough. They are the best in the business. The industry leading software for roofing. My only regret is not getting Jobba sooner."


Jobba Select Webinar Series

Register for our Storm Management webinar to learn why Jobba is the best tool to use during a storm or an influx of service tickets! You will see how easy it is to quickly enter new customers, automate accurate communication, and visually schedule crews.