Increase Sales Efficiently with Jobba

We have completely rethought how software designed for roofing contractors should work. Rather than asking you to make your business processes fit into a standard CRM solution, we built a technology interface that mirrors the way you actually do business.

After consulting with many successful roofing contractors, we realized that there were opportunities to streamline the tasks that you do every day. Opportunities that before now, were being overlooked in other roofing management tools. For example, we realized that many of you couldn’t create a professional estimate directly from your apps; the estimator was required to travel back to the office to upload photos and enter data into another system. We made sure that our roofing software allows an estimator to provide a professional estimate right there on the job site, removing the need to go back to the office at the end of the day.

This simple ability not only makes your customers happy, it saves your estimator time and energy, which makes for a happier employee and helps your bottom line as well.

How Jobba Has Evolved Beyond Other Roofing Software Solutions

To give you an idea of how Jobba differs from other roofing software, here are some of the main ways we help you increase bottom line profits by saving labor time and increasing your capacity in key activities.

Jobba can help you reduce estimating time by up to 50%. Estimators can quickly measure a job, create and send a detailed, branded inspection report and proposal with photos and videos, order supplies and schedule a crew from any device out in the field. No more uploading photos from your camera or running back to the office to complete the day’s work.

Jobba reduces inaccurate quotes, costly accounting errors and material ordering mishaps. Your office staff will love Jobba’s ability to provide real-time communication between field crews and the main office. With one system that allows employees to share and update any file out in the field or at the office, there are fewer inconsistencies and data entry errors, and, of course, vastly improved efficiency.

Jobba has revolutionized the way in which roofing companies operate and compete in today’s ever-changing marketplace. Standardize and streamline your sales processes and get a leg up on your competitors.

For a detailed look at how our new roofing software can assist your crew with inspection, estimating, report preparation and more, schedule your 30-minute demo today.

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