Land More Roofing Service Business with Jobba

Smart roofing contractors understand that they get better returns and steady, recurring business from the service side of their business. However, more service business leads to a need for better internal processes. 

You can do more repeat, high-margin service business with Jobba’s professional reporting, real-time communications and project management. The Jobba customer portal gives you and your clients reliable and real-time online access to better manage and track expenses, job progress, maintenance costs and more.

How Jobba’s Roofing Software Benefits Your Service Department

When you work with our powerful roofing software solution you will be able to:

  • Shorten pay cycles with instant invoicing
  • Identify problem areas for use on customer presentations
  • Increase profit margins on leak calls
  • Grow your service teams
  • Dispatch service calls in one click
  • Manage service agreements and activity
  • Gain actionable insight into warranties
  • Create predictable revenue and enhance future sales
  • Gain better insight into profitability, and
  • Follow-up smarter and improve communication with customers

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Here are some of the features in our roofing software you can use to improve your bottom line on service work:

  • Dispatch a service crew with one click
  • Manage service customers
  • Execute service tickets from any device
  • Create on-site repair proposals
  • Invoice service tickets
  • Manage gross margin per invoice
  • Create advanced service reports
  • Store and track warranty information
  • Store and track service agreements
  • Get automated repair status updates
  • Offer client access (desktop or mobile through an app) to Jobba’s portal

Jobba also helps you meet important OSHA data retention requirements proving you took all the necessary precautions and have kept proper records.

How Jobba Benefits Your Service Customers and Keeps them Coming Back

You may even find property managers who insist on using Jobba, because it makes THEIR life easier, with professional reporting, real-time communications and project management tools that help them consistently manage and track job progress, expenses, maintenance costs and historical information for budgeting and future reference.

The Jobba customer portal gives customers reliable access to information including timely service recommendations and reminders. It provides real-time budgeting information and detailed project status data. The portal also enables customers to go paperless and use less physical storage space with easy online access to their data.

If you want to grow your roofing business with lucrative recurring service work, you need to be able to manage it all efficiently and offer an experience that keeps your customers more than happy. With Jobba, you can.

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