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Jobba evaluates potential partners based on their alignment with target markets, reputation, reach, influence, and ability to contribute value to Jobba customers. Each partnership is mutually beneficial, allowing both parties to leverage each other’s strengths and resources for shared success.

Contractor Network

The Jobba/PRIN connection allows contractors to access a network of opportunity through a vetted process ensuring more jobs won and the easiest and reliable route to success.

Pegnato Roof Intelligence Network (PRIN)’s cutting-edge platform uses an exclusive network of vetted roofing contractors and connects them with a variety of multi-location businesses. Roofing contractors in Pegnato’s network work with some of the largest companies with the most physical locations throughout the United States. 

Online Hub for Roofers

John Kenney is the Chief Executive Officer at Cotney Consulting Group AND has been an active member in the roofing industry for over 45 years, starting at the bottom as a roofing laborer to working his way up to Chief Operating Officer.

Cotney Consulting Group offers a variety of one-on-one trainings that include estimating, project management, and sales fundamentals. Along with these unique services, Cotney Consulting incorporates technology solutions, like Jobba, and business coaching calls.

Service Coaching

Hayne Coaching Group offers services to help roofing businesses find and implement better, smarter, and more innovative ways to work. 

One way is through Greg Hayne’s “Creating Great Service training and support program” which guides commercial roofing contractors to use best practices when building and improving their service departments. Hayne’s Coaching Group also offers “ESE Peer Groups” which bring non-competing commercial roofers together a few times a year to share best practices, solve problems, and create a supportive environment. ESE stands for Educate, Stimulate, and Expand.

Online Hub for Roofers

Roofers Coffee Shop is the hub for all things roofing. It is a digital marketplace and community for roofing professionals to share ideas, tell stories, conduct research, sell items, find items and get help.

Roofers Coffee Shop is a key player when it comes to sharing and informing the industry of the latest news and trends. They are also a large advocate for roofing professionals by producing and participating in various events. Together, Jobba and Roofers Coffee Shop are shaping the future of how contractors operate their businesses and communicate within the industry.


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