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“Jobba allowed us to increase our service sales by 20% in our first year. We found room we didn’t even know we had to work with.”

Anthony Schena, President
Schena Roofing

“We have implemented Jobba across 16 offices and it is great to see how our clients have responded to what we can do for them.”

Casey Owners, Service Manager
Peach State Roofing

“Jobba is the engine that drives our NationsFM client portal which has allowed us to really stand out in the corporate accounts arena.”

Jim Nugent, Executive VP
Nations Roof

“Before Jobba, our employees were required to enter data multiple times into multiple systems, leading to inconsistencies, data entry mistakes and lack of overall efficiency. Jobba is the one-stop solution we’ve been waiting for. And everybody loves it—customers AND employees.” 

Andrew Wilson, President
ACS Commercial Roofing

“With Jobba we finish our reports and work orders before we even come off the roof, which eliminates having another to-do to finish the paperwork.”

Jimmy Stroh, President
Jimmy’s Roofing

“Using our prior platform, we got to a point where we couldn’t grow any further; Invoicing was a 21 step process, Jobba turned it into just 4-5.”

Gregg Wallick, President
BEST Roofing

“We are going on our 4th year with Jobba and it has really become a key component in the way we go to market with corporate accounts.”

Doug Sutter, President
Sutter Roofing

“Before implementing the software, the company’s process was to measure a job, go back to the office to develop the estimate and then mail the estimate out to the customer. With Jobba in place, they can now accomplish all of those steps in the field and send the estimate electronically or print it out in the truck. It also proved to be a help with connecting the main office with satellite offices and improved communications. With all locations using the same tools and processes, efficiencies have increased across the board. The team is happy because they are getting their work done faster and don’t have work hanging over their heads at the end of the day when they go home.”

Paul J. Cazeault, Owner
Cazeault & Sons Roofing

“Our accounting department probably went from being 75% involved with accounts receivables to 10% – that’s 20-25 hours a week down to 5.”

Operations Manager  Commercial Roofing Company

“They are great at training. How user friendly and customer friendly it is.”

Service Coordinator Commercial Roofing Company

“We really love the software and it has helped us grow our roofing service work substantially. Integration was very easy and the software is quite user friendly.”

Service Manager
Commercial Roofing Company

” You make your core group of guys happy. We don’t have the turnover we used to have. I’ve been the service manager for 5 years, and I’ve had the same core of guys… They get it, they want it, they love it because they have all the hours coming at them.”

Service Manager
Commercial Roofing Company

“Profit margin-wise, [the service side] is much more profitable…. Our average on repairs is in that 50-55% range.”

Dir. of Operations
Commercial Roofing Company

“On the service side, we have a 98% satisfaction rating. Prior to using your software, high 70s, low 80s.”

Chief Operating Officer
Commercial Roofing Company

“Easy to set up and utilize our clients through this system. Very easy to use. Easy to find the information once entered into the system.”

Admin. Assistant
Commercial Roofing Company

“Deals close 20% faster.”

Commercial Roofing Company

“It’s not about adopting the latest and greatest technology, it’s about being a forerunner in creating an experience that your customers get excited about.”

President & CEO
Commercial Roofing Company

“Solid product with solid support. Our rep is lovely to work with. They get back and follow up to address any situations we encounter. Also, the flexibility and ease of navigating through the software.”

Service Administrator
Commercial Roofing Company

“It centralizes whats best for our clients in one place. Thats really the best benefit this product provides us. It allows us to sell better to our clients.”

Marketing Director
Commercial Roofing Company


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