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Jobba Trade Technologies is built on trust and security. That’s why thousands of roofing contractors trust Jobba to safeguard their data and protect against potential outside threats.

Private data center

Your roofing company houses a lot of sensitive information—both internally and externally. With so much important data under your care, it’s vital that you have a system that protects you. Jobba provides roofing businesses with the latest cyber security technology to ensure all your information remains private, while protecting you against data breaches and cyber threats.


At Jobba Trade Technologies, we believe respecting privacy is a great opportunity for roofing companies to build more trusted relationships with customers. Thanks to Jobba’s cloud-based software, you are protected from unwelcomed surveillance and are at a much lower risk of hacking. Our system is modeled after some of the most secure systems on the market and has been tested to ensure your safety.

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