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BidPad Inspection Demo

Powered by FCS’s real-time inspection tool, BidPad is a must-have for your roofing company. Following a methodized, intuitive format, going back to the office and spending hours on building reports will be a thing of the past.
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BidPad CRM Overview Demo

BidPad provides a simple CRM that will allow you to ditch the paper and easily organize all your data in the cloud!
FCS Roof Inspection Report
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FCS Sample Inspection Report

FCS utilizes the roof data you just captured on the roof to produce detailed branded inspection reports.
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FCS Lifecycle

FCS Lifecycle is a proven business strategy that is focused on creating opportunity, increasing your sales, and creating predictable reoccurring revenue for your business.
roofing inventory tracking
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Coffee Conversations – Inventory Tracking With Brad Sutter

Join us for this episode of Coffee Conversations™ featuring Eugene Zukowski from Jobba and Brad Sutter from Sutter Roofing, as they dive into the crucial realm of inventory management for contracting businesses. Eugene and Brad describe why software is the optimal solution for contractors seeking efficient inventory tracking systems.
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Residential vs Commercial Roofing Software

Residential roofing software and commercial roofing software are both specialized tools designed to assist professionals in the roofing industry but cater to different market segments and have distinct features tailored to their respective needs.
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Jobba Compass Video Portal

Join Senior Product Specialist, Eugene Zukowski and the Director of Education Services, Matt Thorne, as they guide you through Jobba Compass, explaining and demoing all of the features.
roofing data strategies
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Springboard Your Business with Smart Data Strategies

Eugene Zukowski from Jobba Trade Technologies, Michael Black of Sutter Roofing and Alex Pegnato from PRIN discuss how the industry is functioning at a high level with reliable and timely data.
Roofing Renaissance
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Coffee Conversations – A Roofing Renaissance With Gen Z!

Guest host Megan Ellsworth joined by Jobba's Ashley Jayko,dives into the dynamics of the roofing industry’s evolution with the emergence of Generation Z, exploring their unique perspectives, preferences, and innovative approaches.
roof data survey
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Jobba’s Data Survey Results

Jobba Trade Technologies recently conducted an important survey of our roofing contractor database to ask some key questions about their current ability to analyze their business data.
coatings inspections
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Quoting for Coatings – Inspections With John Kenney & Joe Sorrentino

In this CoatingsTalk, Karen Edwards is joined by Eugene Zukowski with Jobba, John Kenney from Cotney Consulting Group and Joe Sorrentino from The Sherwin Williams Company to learn insights into taking inspections from a nuisance to a valuable source of information and opportunity for your business.
custom roof inspection report
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Jobba Sample Custom Inspection Report

Differentiate yourself from your competitors with a stunning inspection report that can be created with a click of a button.
business strategies for roofing companies
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Podcast: Scaling Up With BI: Business Strategies for Roofing Companies

In this RoofersCoffeeShop RLW, Heidi J. Ellsworth meets with experts in customer service, estimating, service, safety, regulations, and legal issues. These industry experts will talk about how to incorporate BI with important business functions in order to build a strong service and maintenance program for overall company success.
roofing process
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Why Technology Won’t Fix Your Process Problem

Jobba teamed up with Chad Westbrook, Founder of Service Alignment to discuss why it’s difficult for some contractors to implement technology successfully and give you the 4-step framework the top contractors use to scale their success!
business strategies for roofing companies
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Scaling Up With BI: Business Strategies For Roofing Companies

Eugene Zukowski of Jobba, John Kenney of Cotney Consulting Group, and Trent Cotney of Adams and Reese join the conversation to share their 2023 insights on how business intelligence (BI) can help owners understand their success or discover where they need to improve by using these critical core disciplines.
roofing invoicing
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Jobba Select Webinar Series – Invoicing

Jobba’s August Select Webinar was all about Invoicing within the roofing industry. Special guest Zohra Raza, the Professional Services Consultant from Jobba, was in attendance to share her knowledge! Joined by Jobba’s Senior Product Specialist, Eugene Zukowski, the duo focused on best practices, flexible billing options, vendor management, and more!
roofing technology advancements
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Roofing Reinvented: Roofing Technology Guide

Jobba created a roofing technology guide to help contractors and business owners understand what advancements are available, without getting too overwhelmed, and how to embrace digital transformation in their organizations.
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Jobba Select Webinar Series – Storm Management

To better meet the demands of the roofing industry, we launched a webinar series focused on solving real-world problems that roofing contractors face. Watch the Storm Management webinar to learn why Jobba is the best roofing software for storm management!
jobba readiness checklist
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Jobba Readiness Checklist

Determine if now is a suitable time for your company to migrate to Jobba by using our Jobba Readiness Checklist as a guide!
roofing estimating software
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Estimating Software and The Roofing Industry With John Kenney

Heidi J. Ellsworth sits down with John Kenney of Cotney Consulting and Eugene Zukowski of Jobba to talk about estimating software and the roofing industry. They will talk about the key functions of roofing estimating and how technology is changing the estimating game.
roof estimating survey
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Jobba’s Estimating Survey Results

Jobba Trade Technologies recently conducted an important survey of our roofing contractor database to ask some key questions about estimating.
roofing data
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Podcast: Security & Data Governance

In this podcast, Jobba Trade Technologies share its mission to help contractors own their data with Heidi J. Ellsworth from RoofersCoffeeShop.
Cedar Plus Plus
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Jobba Release Notes v2022.1 Cedar PLUS PLUS

Jobba was created to be easily navigated by contractors — especially for those who don’t have extensive technical expertise, which is why we are continuously improving the platform. Learn more about Jobba's largest release yet, with over 900 items impacted.
Partnering Software and Service
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Podcast: Partnering Software and Service

In the ultimate partnership, Cotney Consulting and Jobba present this RLW on the importance of using the right software for Service. It is a partnership that is critical for roofing companies to find in order to have success.
Roof Maintenance programs
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Why You Should Offer Preventative Maintenance Programs eBook

Easily enhance your roofing service department by offering preventative maintenance programs to your customers. Download our free eBook to learn the benefits of offering preventative maintenance and how to be successful at selling it.
Microsoft Power BI
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Microsoft Power BI Visual Reporting & Data Analytics Tool

In this quick video series, see how Jobba’s Power BI pre-built reports and comprehensive, color-coded charts and graphics help contractors to visualize data instead of having to sort through and interpret tons of information on a spreadsheet. Learn how you can use Power BI to easily identify and focus on areas of interest or departments that may need improvement.
commercial roofing service
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Partnering Software and Service with Cotney Consulting & Jobba

In the ultimate partnership, Cotney Consulting and Jobba present this RLW on the importance of using the right software for Service. It is a partnership that is critical for roofing companies to find in order to have success. In today’s tech driven environment, roofing contractors need to understand how to work with facility managers and national accounts to meet their roofing service needs.
commercial roofing leads
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Contractors & Software – Working Together to Build Your Network

Join Eugene Zukowski & Alexandra Pegnato as they discuss the Jobba & PRIN connection. With three strong learning objectives, this RoofersCoffeeShop Lunch & Learn webinar will help roofing companies learn how this one-of-a-kind integration works and how to be part of it!
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Jobba in 5 Minutes Demo Recording

Get an inside look at Jobba in this 5 minute video! It will show you what Jobba is and how customizable it can be. Additionally, you will get a tour of the user-friendly dashboard and see sample reports!
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Jobba vs. Out-of-the-Box Software

Learn the exciting new features that Jobba offers the roofing industry to help determine if making a switch will be a wise investment of time and money for your business.
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Jobba Service ROI Calculator

See how Jobba increases productivity for everyone involved in your roofing service process! By using our Service ROI Calculator, you can see your exact estimated return on investment for free.
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Jobba Sales ROI Calculator

Determine if Jobba is the right roofing software choice for supporting your revenue growth.​​ You can see your exact estimated return on investment with Jobba by using our sales ROI calculator.
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Jobba ROI Calculator

See how Jobba is a wise investment for your roofing company.​ Jobba is interested in being a long-term partner to our contractors by creating a relationship that helps you strategize your growth potential and increase your return on investment. You can see your exact estimated return on investment with Jobba by using our ROI calculator.
Cedar Plus
  • Release Notes

Jobba Release Notes v2022.1 Cedar PLUS

Jobba continues to listen to our clients closely and is pleased to offer new features and enhancements along with resolutions based on the feedback we have received.
roofing industry
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Revolutionizing the Industry with Technology, Training & Drones

Presented live at the IRE expo this February, watch our presentation hosted by Jobba Trade Technologies, Optelos and Cotney Attorneys & Consultants. We will show you the future of roofing – focusing on industry training with technology and virtual worlds.
Jobba's Roofing Company Advantages
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Jobba’s Roofing Company Advantages (Part 2)

Watch “Jobba’s Roofing Company Advantages (Part 2)” to continue to learn of all of the advantages that Jobba can bring you and your growing company. Jobba is a partner from day one.
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Jobba’s Roofing Company Advantages (Part 1)

Watch “Jobba’s Roofing Company Advantages (Part 1)” to see how Jobba brings dozens of advantages to you and your growing company. We’ve highlighted the top benefits that allow for custom configurability to seamless integrations.
roofing intelligence
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Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling with Jobba

Watch “Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling with Jobba” to learn how the Jobba platform helps you to remove bottlenecks so you can spend more time improving customer experience and building those relationships.
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Key Differentiators Between Jobba and FCS/Competitors

Watch "Key Differentiators Between Jobba and FCS/Competitors" to learn about our key differentiators that allow you to streamline your processes in a new way. Imagine going from 10-20 independent applications that don’t integrate - to one platform that brings all your important data together.
jobba story
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The Jobba Story

Watch "The Jobba Story" to see how Jobba is connecting the roofing industry in a groundbreaking way with our all-in-one roofing software.
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Jobba Maintenance Program Survey Results

Jobba Trade Technologies recently conducted an important survey of our roofing contractor database to ask some key questions about maintenance contracts.
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25 Ways to Grow Your Service Department

Access 25 proven strategies deployed each and every day by Jobba software users to consistently grow their service departments, reduce their daily headaches, and get a lot more done from their existing staff.
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The Voice of Our Users eBook

Hear what Jobba users have to say in this eBook fully dedicated to our satisfied customers and their experiences.
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Jobba Release Notes v2021.1 PVC

It’s Jobba’s mission to provide the most innovative, up-to-date technology to contractors and help improve their bottom line. Explore how you can leverage your data and maximize your ROI with Jobba’s newest features and product enhancements.
unify your data
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Podcast: Unify Your Data

Jobba’s platform is organically organized allowing the contractor to reduce the number of third-party applications and provides a bi-directional technology API for the remaining third-party applications where data flows seamlessly creating a single source of truth.  
Jobba Case Study
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6 Simple Tips to Generate More Roofing Leads

In this one-minute video, we have put together the 6 simplest tips to help you generate more roofing leads and increase your roofing business’s sales.
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5 Reasons Contractors Choose Roofing Software

There are a lot of different kinds of CRMs on the market. So, you’re probably thinking, “Don’t they all do the same thing? This guide will explain the main reasons a roofing-specific software provider like Jobba is the number one choice to help roofers grow and maintain their business.
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Your Complete Guide to Roofing Software’s Features and Functionality

As you start to decide on the project management software that is right for you, it is important to know the main features and functionality of your top picks. We’ve rounded up some of the main features within roofing CRMs to help you better understand how this piece of technology works for other successful roofing companies.
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Podcast: Contractor-Driven Software Development

In this Read Listen Watch (RLW), Heidi Ellsworth from Roofers Coffee Shop speaks with Eugene Zukowski, Product Marketing Manager at Jobba Trade Technologies about the concept of contractor-driven technology and how contractors can drive their own software solutions.
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Jobba Sample Service Proposal

After you’ve taken a look at your potential customer’s roof, it is time to send them a full proposal for the project. With so many details (i.e. pictures and numbers) to include, packaging it neatly and professionally can be challenging.
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Jobba Sample Service Invoice

Invoices are essential to every roofing business. So it is important they have a professional look and provide complete project details.
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Roofing Software 101: Understanding the Basics

If you recently started your search for the perfect software solution to add to your roofing business, you probably have a lot of questions about how roofing software works, how to get started and why so many contractors prefer it over other methods. In this eBook, we’ll cover all the important basics you’ll need to know.
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4 Easy Tips to Speed Up Your Roofing Sales Process

Experiencing delays within the sales process is one of the biggest struggles roofing businesses face—especially during the busy season. A slow sales process can lead to things like unsatisfied customers, scheduling conflicts and even potential profit losses. Here are 4 tips to help close sales faster.
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Jobba Sample Inspection Report

Professional, branded Inspection Reports can be generated from a mobile device while you're still on the roof - with Jobba!
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7 Tips to Choose the Best Roofing Software for Your Business

At Jobba, we are focused on making it simple and intuitive to use cloud technology however and wherever you need it. It’s very simple, our technology solves problems, helps reduce your pain points and saves everyone time. The right software can do that, but you need to ask the right questions to ensure you choose the right product.