Category: Tip Sheets

Jobba Maintenance Program Survey Results

Jobba Trade Technologies recently conducted an important survey of our roofing contractor database to ask some key questions about maintenance contracts.

4 Easy Tips to Speed Up Your Roofing Sales Process

Experiencing delays within the sales process is one of the biggest struggles roofing businesses face—especially during the busy season. A slow sales process can lead to things like unsatisfied customers, scheduling conflicts and even potential profit losses. Here are 4 tips to help close sales faster.

COVID-19 Safety Checklist

With Jobba’s COVID-19 safety checklist, you and your teams can see how roofing technology can simplify the implementation process, while making sure you have everything you need to get back to work.

5 Ways Roofing Software Can Help You Get Ahead During COVID-19

It’s no secret that you, your roofing business and employees are all facing a number of challenges as a result of coronavirus. But did you know that there are easy solutions to help you maintain business? Check out Jobba’s top five ways roofing software can help!