Introducing Jobba


Jobba is the easy to learn and use roofing contractor technology that allows you to connect, manage and track all your sales and service processes on one user-friendly platform in real time.

We consulted with and incorporated feedback from successful roofing contractors into our tool, so that it delivers just what you need to standardize and streamline your sales and service processes. Plus, Jobba is easy to use on all your devices – desktop, mobile and tablet, and will help you save time and labor costs, provide superior service and grow your business.


Roofing Software Your Crews Will LOVE

We get it. Running a roofing business can be stressful, especially without the right tools. Jobba was designed to reduce selling and estimating time by up to 50%.

It helps estimators quickly measure a job, create and send a detailed, branded inspection report and proposal with photos and videos, order supplies and schedule a crew from any device out in the field. No more uploading photos from your camera or running back to the office to complete the day’s work. 

Your office staff will love Jobba because it reduces inaccurate quotes, costly accounting errors and material ordering mishaps – while providing real-time communication between the field crews and the main office.


AN EXPERIENCE YOUR Clients Will Appreciate

Improve customer satisfaction and win repeat, high-margin service business with professional reporting, real-time communications and project management tools that better help roofers to do their jobs.

The Jobba customer portal gives your customers reliable and real-time online access to better manage and track job progress, expenses, maintenance costs and historical info for budgeting and future reference.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Grow Your Business

Connect All the Dots


With features that allow you to track performance data and insights that help you identify trends, pain points and opportunities, Jobba can improve customer service, guide your business strategy and help you grow your roofing company quickly. 

Even in this challenging labor market, many of our roofing contractors have been able to increase bottom line profits by saving labor, time and increasing capacity in numerous key activities such as inspection, estimating, report generation, service response times and more.

Jobba’s Support Empowers your Team

We are certain that you will find our interface more user friendly than any other roofing management software, and if you need help with any aspect, you can count on our timely, outstanding support. For roofing contractors who are already using roofing software, Jobba offers a painless, supported migration experience that will enable you to scale up your operations seamlessly.

Revolutionary Roofing Management Technology

Jobba has revolutionized the way in which roofing companies operate and compete in today’s ever-changing marketplace. Jobba is cloud-based and future-proofed, so it’s designed to integrate game-changing technologies as they come online (e.g. drones that detect moisture and structural integrity). However, it’s not just about the latest and greatest technology, it’s about creating an experience that is customer-centric and simple for customers, owners, managers and staff to utilize.