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BidPad Inspection Demo

Powered by FCS’s real-time inspection tool, BidPad is a must-have for your roofing company. Following a methodized, intuitive format, going back to the office and spending hours on building reports will be a thing of the past.
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FCS Lifecycle

FCS Lifecycle is a proven business strategy that is focused on creating opportunity, increasing your sales, and creating predictable reoccurring revenue for your business.
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roofing inventory tracking

Coffee Conversations – Inventory Tracking With Brad Sutter

Join us for this episode of Coffee Conversations™ featuring Eugene Zukowski from Jobba and Brad Sutter from Sutter Roofing, as they dive into the crucial realm of inventory management for contracting businesses. Eugene and Brad describe why software is the optimal solution for contractors seeking efficient inventory tracking systems.
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Residential vs Commercial Roofing Software

Residential roofing software and commercial roofing software are both specialized tools designed to assist professionals in the roofing industry but cater to different market segments and have distinct features tailored to their respective needs.
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Jobba Compass Video Portal

Join Senior Product Specialist, Eugene Zukowski and the Director of Education Services, Matt Thorne, as they guide you through Jobba Compass, explaining and demoing all of the features.
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roof data survey

Jobba’s Data Survey Results

Jobba Trade Technologies recently conducted an important survey of our roofing contractor database to ask some key questions about their current ability to analyze their business data.
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business strategies for roofing companies

Scaling Up With BI: Business Strategies For Roofing Companies

Eugene Zukowski of Jobba, John Kenney of Cotney Consulting Group, and Trent Cotney of Adams and Reese join the conversation to share their 2023 insights on how business intelligence (BI) can help owners understand their success or discover where they need to improve by using these critical core disciplines.
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roofing invoicing

Jobba Select Webinar Series – Invoicing

Jobba’s August Select Webinar was all about Invoicing within the roofing industry. Special guest Zohra Raza, the Professional Services Consultant from Jobba, was in attendance to share her knowledge! Joined by Jobba’s Senior Product Specialist, Eugene Zukowski, the duo focused on best practices, flexible billing options, vendor management, and more!
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