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Category: Sales

Jobba Go Flyer

Jobba Go is a pre-configured software solution based on NRCA and industry best practices, coupled with a “boot camp” training platform to provide roofing companies with an accelerated path to get their teams using Jobba’s roofing software - in just 3 weeks.
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Jobba Product Catalog v5.1

Access or share the most recent Jobba proposal product catalog anytime at HTTPS://JOBBA.COM/CATALOG.

- Jobba Onboarding
- Jobba Support
- Jobba Package Options
- Standard Component Descriptions
- Optional Tool Descriptions
- Consulting Services
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Power BI Flyer

Utilize Jobba’s integrated Microsoft Power BI reporting analytics tool to make more informed decisions, while assessing your overall business health.
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Swag Box Request Form

Inform Marketing when you would like to send a Jobba swag box to 1-2 people - prospects, clients, or partners. Please read the Swag Box Process document before using this form.
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Quick Document Template Guidelines

Jobba allows you to create custom, professional document templates that align with your company's brand.

- Access the Template Editor
- Fonts, Colors
- Logos, Background Images
- Page Layout, Image Grids
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Jobba vs. Out-of-the-Box Software Flyer

How Does Jobba Measure Up to Out-of-the Box Software? Jobba's in-depth sales pipeline and project management tools were created exclusively for roofing contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers and consultants. Learn the exciting new features that Jobba offers the roofing industry to help determine if making a switch will be a wise investment of time and money for your business.
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Jobba Data Migration Options

Jobba Data Migration Options Flyer

Data migration services are available to collect and move data from one or more systems to Jobba. Data can include client/vendor information, locations, properties, contacts, elements, deficiencies and materials. Jobba Trade Technologies will assist you in migrating your data from an XLS or CSV file to Jobba.
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