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Jobba Select Webinar: How To Maximize Your Software Provider’s Professional Services

On November 28th, at 1 p.m. CST, Jobba Trade Technologies presented a new Select Webinar. The Jobba Select Webinar Series focused on solving real-world problems that roofing contractors face.

Jobba’s November Select Webinar attendees were guided through Jobba’s customer journey while learning best practices and tips to ensure you are getting the most value out of a software provider’s professional services. These tips and best practices will help your return on investment on not only roofing software but any software your business is using.

Jobba’s Senior Product Specialist, Eugene Zukowski, and Head of Client Services, Ryan Kline, are joined by members of Jobba’s professional services team,  Sr. Customer Success Manager John Jocke,  Director of Education Services Matt Thorne, and Support Team Lead Ian Niemi, to share how you can maximize your software provider’s professional services. Some of the topics that were covered include:

  • Best Practices Before You Buy New Software
  • Identifying Goals and Implementing New Software
  • Onboarding and Training Tips
  • What To Do If You Need Additional Help
  • Customer Success and Working With a CSM

Watch the On-Demand Webinar Here: 

Jobba believes contractors need more than just software, they need a partnership with the software provider. The provider should work with them through every goal and obstacle to ensure contractors get the most out of the investment.

“Our customers need more than just software to achieve lasting solutions for their business challenges. Jobba’s platform is a business management solution but service excellence is how we empower customer success,” stated Jobba CEO Scott Keith.

Learn more about our team of professionals, who not only help you with the initial transition into Jobba but ensure continued success in the on-demand Jobba Select Webinar, How To Maximize Your Software Provider’s Professional Services.

Interested in seeing if Jobba is the right software for your business process? Check out our 5 Minute Demo Video

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