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Jobba Compass

An Intuitive Navigator

Navigating Jobba’s Solution One Click At A Time

Jobba Compass is more than a training tool. It helps you navigate Jobba, through training articles, videos, and “Follow Me” walkthroughs. Built directly into the platform, you can get immediate and intuitive support, whenever you need it. This goes hand in hand with the traditional training that Jobba provides all clients.

Simply click on the Jobba Compass icon within the Jobba application and a knowledge library will appear with prompted support or the ability to search for what you need. 

Increase Adoption

Built into the Jobba platform, Jobba Compass can provide users intuitive support whenever and wherever they need, on any device, without interrupting the current task.

Build Confidence

Whether you’re a first-time user or have been in the platform for months, Jobba Compass can help guide you through:

Available In Multiple Languages

Jobba Compass offers support and training resources in multiple languages. Selected topics will be available at launch, more to follow.

*Selected topics will be available at launch, more to follow.

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