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Jobba announces partnership with PRIN


Take advantage of the Jobba & PRIN Connection from start to finish – in less than a week! 

Jobba Express allows contractors to start using the Jobba & PRIN connection quickly after purchase – so they can immediately start increasing their sales by taking advantage of the networking opportunities available through PRIN. This program was created to allow users to benefit from the PRIN network while using a scaled down but efficient version of Jobba called Jobba Express.


Receive Work Orders from the PRIN Network

•  Automated notifications of new work orders
•  Accept and notify PRIN in real-time

Utilize Easy-to-Follow Field Workflows

• Field workflows designed to perform your work orders with ease
• Integrated PRIN checklist for fieldwork
• Built-in deficiency library saves you time and effort when documenting issues

Generate Auto-Formatted Document Reports

• Generate document reports for PRIN with a click of a button
• Instant delivery of reports to PRIN

Execute Work Orders

• Assign PRIN work orders to your team with our Powerboard
scheduling tool
• Real-time updates and communication to both you and PRIN on your progress


Step #1 – Sign Up

The cost of Jobba Express is $150 per user/per month. Two licenses are required for the package. You create your own company login and admin login when you register. It’s similar to a user ID and it is determined by the user. Once you sign-up, you will receive an email confirming payment and your login information.

Step #2 – Set Up

Once you have access to your Jobba Express account, you can request PRIN membership by navigating to Setup > Membership > Request Membership. There is no cost to join the PRIN Network. PRIN will then create a Membership Affiliation for you. This allows PRIN to create work orders for you to receive and execute in Jobba Express.

Step #3 – Train Up

You will have access to a library of on-demand training videos and user guides covering: logging in to Jobba to request PRIN membership; adding additional users; accepting PRIN work orders; adding crews; performing inspections; and executing service tickets.