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Jobba's inspection tools help you to easily capture vital roof information using our guided inspection process.

roof inspection software


Capture inspection data using Jobba’s easy-to-use, guided process.

Jobba’s customizable inspection tools help contractors capture vital roof data during the inspection process including deficiencies, corrective actions, photos, measurements and more — which automatically generates a professionally branded inspection report and accurate proposal with estimates for your customers.


The first of it’s kind in roofing software functionality, Hot Roof allows you to record the essential data you need to start your project without having access to the internet and without having to spend hours in the sun or making multiple site visits. Crews can enable Hot Roof mode to work offline when WiFi isn’t available (on the roof or in remote locations).


Jobba works with Google Earth to access specific roof measurements of a location. By working with our advanced aerial tools, you can instantly access location measurements and see things like storm damage, rust and more — all without having to be on-site.


Access roof inspection checklist templates or create custom checklists to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
Create unlimited custom checklists to ensure that everyone is adhering to best practices and meeting safety standards.

Auto-Compiled Inspection Reports

Using inspection data captured in the field, Jobba’s roof inspection software quickly generates a full inspection report (including site photos, deficiencies, and recommendations) for the customer.

Branded with your company logo and brand colors, inspection reports can be delivered electronically or printed.

Pre-Populated Deficiency & Corrective Action Lists

Based on NRCA/ARMA standards, Jobba’s roof inspection software provides you with pre-populated deficiency and corrective action lists that include Deficiency Name, Deficiency Description, Corrective Action, and Corrected Action. You can edit the pre-populated lists or create your own.


Provide real-time project updates by documenting jobs with photos and videos, adding important notes and sharing them with other team members.

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