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Easily manage the hectic and fast-paced world of a service department with ease.

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'Powerboard' Scheduling

Create and manage all inspection and service tickets in a central location.

Jobba’s Powerboard roofing scheduling tool helps you view each job’s progress as it moves through each milestone. Easily view crew and team members’ workloads to determine who has the capability to perform the work requested before assigning it. Plus, the color-coded system makes tracking service tickets to completion easier than ever.


Jobba’s time tracking functionality gives you the ability to capture field personal time entries and export the details. View all-time record details in a single area where you can categorize, approve or reject records before exporting them into a file format to be imported into your accounting or payroll system. 

Dispatch Tools & Workflows

Easily generate work tickets and assign dispatches to inspectors or estimators, ensure their compliance and stay on top of their status.

Assist your roofing scheduling team through the dispatch process with Jobba’s guided dispatch tools. Schedule new inspections or service work and view existing tickets by priority, type and status.

roofing scheduling


Jobba offers a variety of calendar functionality to help all team members stay in the loop with upcoming events – from sales to scheduled inspections. Our calendars allow everyone on the team to set appointments, view job progress, access material order dates and more.

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Visual Scheduling

Scheduling crews has never been easier with Jobba’s visual scheduling tool.

Within the Powerboard feature, Jobba has added geographic mapping to display the locations of a work order and service or inspection crews, allowing users to make quick decisions based on the location of the request and available resources.

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