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Jobba's service features go above and beyond with tools like scheduling, material tracking, invoicing and more.


Manage and complete service work identified during the inspection process while automatically tracking all costs associated with the job. 

Schedule and manage new and existing service requests as well as generate invoices, receive payments and access service reports.


The first of it’s kind in roofing software functionality, Hot Roof allows you to record the essential data you need to start your project without having access to the internet and without having to spend hours in the sun or making multiple site visits. Crews can enable Hot Roof mode to work offline when WiFi isn’t available (on the roof or in remote locations).

Automated Email & SMS Text Notifications

Customers and internal team members can receive automatic email/text status updates throughout the inspection process. Status notifications are sent when an inspection is created, scheduled, initiated, in progress, completed, approved, ready, invoiced and cancelled. Utilize over 180 notification types and easily adjust notification permissions by user role.

MATERIAL Management

Easily track and manage orders from multiple suppliers.

With Jobba’s Estimating & Bill of Materials (BOMs) feature, you will always have the material you need on hand. Users are also able to create and store recommendations and deficiencies with preconfigured material items, labor costs and estimating capabilities.


The Inventory & Equipment Tracking feature gives contractors the ability to track and record inventory, equipment quantity and consumption – from the warehouse to the work truck. Simply create an inventory of materials and assign them to jobs or service trucks, then the materials will automatically be deducted from your inventory as they are used in the field.


Jobba allows contractors to create custom maintenance and warranty programs to offer to customers.

Generate recurring, predictable income by providing maintenance contracts to your customers. Set Maintenance Program intervals and pricing options, define deficiencies and set NTE amounts to control costs. Build Warranty Programs to match manufacturer templates and record important service details for warranty claims, agreed upon labor rates, NTE amounts and claim submission details.


Jobba’s Purchase Order tool allows contractors to create purchase orders directly from sold or time/material contracts that can then be sent to third-party vendors via email right within Jobba. 

Users can create multiple purchase orders for materials, equipment, and labor. Also, users can acknowledge receipt of items in the office or on the job site and easily match vendor invoices to purchase orders to quickly approve them for payment.


Create, send and manage service invoices with Jobba’s Roofing Invoicing tool. View current client account balances, accept payments and track credits – all in one place.

Jobba gives users the ability to create custom sales order types to better organize invoices and create custom payment terms and labor rates to cater to different types of customers and jobs.

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