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3 Ways to Improve Roofing Inspection Reports

Winning more jobs and closing them faster can be easier than you thought…

If you can deliver comprehensive roofing inspection reports MOMENTS after an inspection is performed, you’re sure to surprise and impress prospective service customers. By putting a report compilation process in place or by making a few improvements to your existing process, you can set your roofing company apart from the competition even further.

1. Create a Good-Looking, Professional Template

Having a template for your Inspection Reports allows you to provide consistent information in a professional manner. We suggest including aerial images of the roof, images of each observation or repair needed, deficiency details, warranty information, repair recommendations, associated costs, instructions on how to proceed with their service purchase, and of course, your logo and contact information.

2. Use Mobile Devices on the Roof, Not Cameras

If your guys are using point-and-shoot cameras, we know that uploading pictures is an inefficient, time-consuming process. By showing your inspectors how they can use their mobile devices on the roof, they can take crystal-clear pictures that are easily uploaded to a cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc.) or emailed to the office in as few as 2 clicks.

3. Dedicate One Employee to Build Reports

Assigning this task to a single staff member will drastically increase the delivery speed, timeliness and consistency of your inspection reports. Consider giving this task to someone who is detail-focused, can handle and organize large amounts of data, and has a workload that will allow them to dedicate time to compiling reports. And, make sure you have a backup teammate that knows how to complete them as well.

For roofers using Jobba Trade Technologies’ software, the ability to easily generate SAME-DAY, professional inspection reports is just one of the many ways we enable them to grow their business.

To see how Jobba can improve your roofing inspection reports, download Jobba’s Sample Inspection Report! This sample inspection report will show you all of the details and information you are looking to deliver to your customers—all while you are still walking the location.

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