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A Deep Dive Into BI Strategies

business intelligence in roofing

Understanding the role of business intelligence in roofing from the experts themselves.

In a recent RLW, Heidi J. Ellsworth hosted an insightful dialogue with experts from different facets of the roofing industry to discuss business intelligence (BI). The crew included Eugene Zukowski from Jobba, John Kenney from Cotney Consulting Group and Trent Cotney from Adams and Reese.

These industry experts joined the conversation to share their insights on how BI can help owners understand their success and where they can make improvements. According to Eugene, “Business intelligence is understanding the data in your business so you have an insight into what your company is actually doing.” Learning to incorporate BI to build a strong service and maintenance program is very important to helping your company succeed.

Living in the digital age, there’s a plethora of data and information regarding your business available. But how do you know what specific data to analyze to give you the most return on value to run your business? John encourages listeners to understand what works for your business, saying “What you want to do is take and understand what numbers really mean to your particular business… Just because business A tracks one way doesn’t mean that’s right for business.”

Using BI in the correct way can give your business an advantage. By utilizing data to find out where your weaknesses are, you can easily correct problems and prevent them from happening in the future. Trent views BI a bit differently and uses his data more conservatively to prevent risk mitigation. “My goal has always been to be proactive rather than reactive,” Trent says. “You can prevent a lot of the big legal issues, safety issues and employee issues from happening because you learned from the past. The data reflects that.”

Understanding how to use BI to excel in important business functions such as customer service, estimating, service, safety, regulations and legal issues can help take your company to the next level. This RLW offers a rich exchange of ideas and strategies for leveraging BI to enhance business practices and success for roofing professionals and business owners.

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