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ACS Roofing Finds Success with FCS’s Technology

ACS Commercial Roofing and Waterproofing, headquartered in Johnson City, Tennessee, specializes in servicing commercial roofs with single ply, fluid applied, maintenance and consulting throughout a seven-state area. 

In business for close to three years, the company sees a lot of competition from larger, established roofing contractors. Most of those competitors are still using traditional methods of conducting business. Andrew Wilson, president at ACS, knew that technology would be the key to differentiating his business.

Differentiating the business
Technology is indeed a differentiator but the challenge comes in determining which technologies are needed and how to implement them. Wilson said ACS started out using a combination of different technology programs to handle inspection reports, billing and invoicing, job scheduling and customer management.

They soon realized that while technology seemed like it should be the answer, they were actually experiencing the pains that come with having data in multiple locations. Employees were required to enter data multiple times into multiple systems, leading to inconsistencies, data entry mistakes and lack of overall efficiency. He also wanted to be able to differentiate his company by offering his customers a way to utilize the technology to their benefit but he didn’t have that solution with his current programs.

Eliminating employee pains
Wilson liked what he was seeing with the implementation of technology in running his business but he knew he needed to eliminate the pains the employees were experiencing every day and find a solution that would provide more direct benefits to his growing customer base. He turned to FCS Control, a software provider of real-time processing and solutions that allow the office and roof technicians to work together to efficiently complete service tickets, inspections and bids for operational excellence. He was looking for the technology that could help him take his business to the next level through a one-stop technology solution that would meet all his needs.

In 2016, Wilson implemented the FCS program in every day operations at ACS. He began with the customer relationship management and service tools and soon after added modules for operations, estimating and a customer portal. The company quickly progressed to the full program after realizing the efficiencies and ease of use.

Right away, he found that his employees loved using the program. In fact so did his customers. They were used to having portals to access information about their properties but they had never seen it offered by a contractor before. It was truly the differentiator Wilson had been hoping to find.

Winning customers
Wilson says that implementing the system has accelerated his business quickly. Being able to offer that technology to customers is allowing them to get in front of potential customers who likely would not have considered them previously.

The customers appreciate knowing the portal is there when they need it. The portal provides full documentation and historical information that can be accessed by the owner, facility managers and tenants. In one case a building owner had a tenant slip and fall due to a roof leak. The documentation within the portal showed that the owner had reported the leak immediately and saved them the trouble and expense of a potential lawsuit.

Article originally posted on Roofer’s Coffee Shop.

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