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Help Roofing Contractors Grow

How Jobba Helps Roofing Contractors Grow Through the Roof

Read this eBook of roofing CRM customers reviews and ratings to learn about why so many roofing contractors choose Jobba. Jobba helps roofing contractors grow their business and was designed exclusively for the roofing industry as a business management solution. You don’t have to take our word for it though,…
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use roofing technology

Roofers: Use Roofing Technology And Start Doing More with Less

Forget paper forms and delayed information – use roofing technology to modernize your workforce and maximize your inspection process!   Selecting an easy-to-use online tool, that works hand-in-hand with your technicians’ workflow, means you can provide faster inspection services without sacrificing profit or quality. And, as your Service and Sales…
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paper process

Ditch the Paper Process

Roofers, it’s time to ditch the paper process for good…   By implementing roofing software and scrapping the traditional paper process, like thousands of other roofers, you’ll begin to realize many of its benefits. You get paid faster, reduce operating expenses, diminish clerical errors, improve your customer experience and scare…
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Communicating With Your Roofing Clients

How Well Are You Communicating with Your Roofing Clients?

The better your communication, the better your customer experience. The better your customer experience, the more business that ultimately comes your way!   Imagine you’ve never been up on the roof of a building you own. And, post-inspection, you now know you are about to spend some big money fixing…
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win more roofing jobs

Use Data to Win More Roofing Jobs

The more information you can provide to a potential customer about their roofs, the more likely it is that you’ll win their trust (and their money).   Commercial property managers can have portfolios ranging from several buildings to hundreds. And, guess what? They usually have a pretty big budget to…
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More Roofing Service Calls

Could Your Team Handle MORE Roofing Service Calls?

Doing things “old school” might need to become a thing of the past…   Could your team handle more roofing service calls? You may be used to writing out service tickets by hand, making copies, then getting them over to your crew, but is this familiar process worth the cost…
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Roofing Service Revenue

What Would You Do With 40% More Roofing Service Revenue?

Believe it or not, you may be missing out on roofing service revenue every single day. Thanks to Jobba, Cazeault Roofing and Solar are not.   There could be many reasons your missing out on roofing service revenue – new inspection or service inquiries are falling through the cracks or…
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better roofing information

Better Roofing Information = Better Decision Making

Much of what we use in our day-to-day business operation at Hicks Industrial Roofing is old. Custom applications that I built in MS Office Suite software in the early 90’s, and have continued to tweak over the decades, Excel being the one most used. It works for us, and the…
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Roofing Company CRM

Roofing Company Finds a Complete Solution with FCS

Paul J. Cazeault & Sons Roofing tried several other CRM solutions before finding the right fit for their business with FCS. Paul J. Cazeault & Sons Roofing is a full-service roofing company that provides commercial, residential, exterior and solar services to the Cape Cod, Massachusetts area. Founded in 1947, the…
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R.H. Marcon Streamlines Its Service Department with FCS

The company was able to increase efficiencies and grow their department after making the transition to FCS. In business since 1981, R.H. Marcon Inc. is a commercial roofing company located in State College, Pennsylvania. Anthony Marcon joined the family business, started by his father Raymond, after graduating from college in…
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ACS Roofing Finds Success with FCS’s Technology

ACS Commercial Roofing and Waterproofing, headquartered in Johnson City, Tennessee, specializes in servicing commercial roofs with single ply, fluid applied, maintenance and consulting throughout a seven-state area.  In business for close to three years, the company sees a lot of competition from larger, established roofing contractors. Most of those competitors…
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All-Purpose Professionals: The Roof Depot

What do you do when you’re young, just finishing computer school and looking toward the future? Head to Silicon Valley? Interview with the computer department of local businesses? How about starting a roofing business? That wouldn’t make the list in most cases, but people make their way into the roofing…
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In It for the Long Haul: Sutter Roofing

While many years have passed since C.P. Sutter started his Clarksburg, W.Va.-based commercial roofing company in 1902, the fourth generation continues the long-running success of the company. “Sutter Roofing was founded by my great grandfather, who worked in all phases of roofing, eventually specializing in sheet metal, interior stamped metal…
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