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Boost Your Business By Integrating Tech

Learn what to look for when implementing a software system into your roofing business. 

In the fifth installment of the multi-video CoffeeCast™ sponsored by Jobba Trade Technologies, Heidi J. Ellsworth and Karol Weyman host Erin Pike, National Service Manager at Roofed Right America. Erin has been in the industry for around 15 years now, and she has “worked at multiple different national companies, working with multiple different systems, implementing, training, learning multiple different facets of the roofing industry from installing to accounting.”

In this diverse experience with contracting software and systems, Erin has observed what does and does not work for contractors. She explained what to look for in a general management software, saying, “The key is being able to track, being able to actually see where your guys are at, knowing that you can track them, knowing that their time’s actually going in correctly, knowing what your materials are and so forth.” Beyond that, there are specifics for areas that involve crunching a lot of numbers, like accounting or sales. Erin explained, “Being able to implement technology instead of doing manual entries into your accounting system, having that flow process to be able to automatically connect them, have them talking together, knowing that the information is correct, so if you pull reports, they’re right in both systems, is crucial.”

The lynchpin of all of this is having systems that can communicate with each other, like Jobba. Erin elaborated, “It is amazing to know that when you post something in Jobba, within two minutes we have it posted into a whole other system with the accurate information.” The cherry on top is that Jobba produces Power BI reports based upon this data, which allows the user to see where they stand in relation to their targets.

To learn more about choosing the right software system for your business, check out the rest of this CoffeeCast™ or on the RCS website!

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