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Concerned About Implementing Roofing Software? | Tip #7

Tip #7: The Right Questions to Ask

The most important thing you can do before purchasing any new technology is to take the time to do your research. Talk to other contractors you find through roofing associations or networks and see what has worked for them. You can also look at online reviews and utilize free trials to try out and get a full understanding of the options that are out there and how they are implemented.

Once you do decide on a technology that best meets your company’s needs, you will likely have to dedicate a specific amount of time to implement it throughout the company. For roofers, a great time to implement new software would be in the fall or winter, right after the busy season and before the new year. During this time, processes may need to be updated, employees trained and data uploaded.

Questions to Ask About Implementing Roofing Software:

  • How does this software compare to others on the market in regard to implementation?
  • How much time will it take to implement the software throughout the company?
  • How reliable is the software provider’s onboarding and/or support teams?

It is not easy to adopt or switch to new software on your own, so be sure to create a good relationship with the software provider upfront. Their support can help you develop a high degree of comfort and confidence when initiating the new technology and processes with your employees.

If you invested in roofing software, you want to ensure your getting your full return on investment and one way to do that is by successfully implementing roofing software. Download our free ebook How To Successfully Adopt Roofing Software to get tips and best practices to ensure your company will successfully adopt roofing software.

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