Considering Roofing Software for Labor Tracking? | Tip #1

Tip #1: The Right Questions to Ask

In today’s world, it is all about speed. Technology is offering speed in processing that has never been seen before. It presents itself in every part of your business from the first client lead through a finished job and referrals, technology lets you stay in front of the customers.

An excellent example: A commercial contractor was looking for ways to improve the customer experience and speed of invoicing. By using FCS software, they were able to utilize the invoicing module to allow one person to complete service invoicing – in two hours. Before FCS, it had taken two people two days to do the same amount of invoicing. This means you’re saving time, money and cash flow. It also shows customers that your company is progressive, responsive and ready to help them grow their business with expedited turn around.

Questions to Ask About Labor Tracking Functionalities:

  • How does the service and maintenance functionality work with labor tracking?
  • How does the invoicing work with my time tracking system?
  • How can I use the software to help my technicians accommodate faster invoicing and payouts?

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