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How to Create a Roofing Referral Program in 3 Steps

Customer referrals are the most powerful and, at the same time, least costly method of gaining new business.

Behind every satisfied customer is a large network of potential new customers. So, how do you access their network and obtain a consistent stream of referrals from your customers? By putting a roofing referral program in place!

1. Determine the Best Way to Ask for Referrals

Put yourself in your typical customer’s shoes and determine the easiest way for them to share this information with you. Will your sales rep call the customer 3 days after completing a job? Will you send a series of automated emails requesting a referral? You can try testing out different combinations of communication to help you come up with the best method for your company. Be sure that your method is easy to implement and can be repeated.

2. Iron-Out the Details of an Enticing Incentive

It’s important to iron out the details of your incentive first. Some example incentives include: 20% off of future service, $100 in cold-hard cash, or a Home Depot gift card. You must also decide if you will offer your customers an incentive for each referral they give you OR for each referral they give you that turns into a paying customer?

3. Setup Tracking for the Referrals You Request and Collect

You can do this on an Excel spreadsheet or in your roofing CRM. The important things to track are: who you requested referrals from and when, who has sent a referral to you, and if their referral incentive has been processed or not. You definitely don’t want to drop the ball on delivering an incentive to a customer that went out of their way to refer business. Organization is key here.

For roofers using Jobba Trade Technologies’ software, the ability to create a roofing referral program, and manage and track referrals is just one of the many ways we enable them to grow their business.

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