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Discover The Cutting-Edge Features From Jobba’s Latest Release

On June 30, 2021, Jobba’s senior leadership members sat down with RoofersCoffeeShop’s President, Heidi J. Ellsworth, to talk about how our new tools and enhancements from Jobba’s latest release can help them leverage their data and simplify their processes.  

Contractors spend a lot of time purchasing and implementing software applications only to find that their systems are disparate and siloed. Instead of saving valuable time, they are copying data from one system to another causing delays, errors, and frustration that affect their bottom line. 

This is where Jobba can help. Their original platform is organized to reduce the number of third-party applications and provides a bi-directional technology API (application programming interface) for the remaining third-party applications, allowing data to flow seamlessly through a single source. In this RLW, Jobba will help us understand API technology while customizing systems that work for your business. This is just one of the many cutting-edge features in Jobba’s most recent new release. 

“A lot of people have questions about Jobba and not everyone understands the full story,” said Steven White, Jobba’s CMO. “The Jobba story actually starts with what we hear from customers every day. And if you look at the major frustration that roofers have, it’s the amount of information, the amount of process and paperwork that they have to deal with.”

Steven described the chain of steps and applications contractors currently have to go through as a crisis in technology. Instead of enhancing and expediting business, technology has become a nuisance. With integrations improving every day, however, contractors may be able to streamline processes.

“We’ve been working with customers for 12 plus years and we’ve seen a lot along the way,” said Scott Keith, Jobba CEO. “Going from this paper world to adding applications has quickly grown from one application to 15 plus applications. And while they’ve seen benefits on an individual or department level, they’ve actually created a larger system of inefficiency.”  

Download the recorded webinar today and learn how this latest release can help you maximize your roofing business’s ROI!

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