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From Incomplete Paperwork To A Robust Digital Database

This CoffeeCast is a must-watch for roofing contractors looking to modernize their operations and enhance customer satisfaction. 

In this multi-part CoffeeCast, Heidi J. Ellsworth is joined by co-host Karol Weyman of Jobba Trade Technologies to dive deep into how cutting-edge technology can revolutionize customer service and operational efficiency. In Episode 4 of the CoffeeCast, Kim Davis from Davis Roofing joins them to highlight her journey adopting Jobba’s technology and how it has enhanced her company’s service offerings.

Kim candidly shares her efforts to integrate technology and improve the operational safety of their family business. She notes, “[Our company deals] primarily with commercial roofing. We are licensed to do residential, and part of what brought us to Jobba is our expansion of our service department. We had a service department previously, but it wasn’t very robust.”

Jobba’s technology helped them scale those operations where previously they had been falling short. Kim transparently talks about the challenges the company faced before adopting Jobba’s software. She explains, “We had, like most companies I think, created a lot of workarounds. We had tried to migrate from paper, because what we found is, as we were developing service and that paper sheet was going with our service tech in the field, it was either coming back with incomplete information or it wasn’t coming back at all.” Without gathering all the information, they had nothing to share with their customers to highlight what work was done or why they were a credible company performing quality work.

Karol emphasized the impact of technology on improving the customer experience, saying, “Taking the burden from companies that are able to have a system, a business solution all in one place allows them to spend time with their clients and grow their business.” Automating management tasks allow contractors to move away from paper just as Kim hoped, but also promotes building stronger customer relationships.

Every company wants to build their business while improving their customers’ satisfaction, and with Jobba’s solutions, you can.

Watch the video to see how Jobba can help you overcome operational challenges, streamline processes and ultimately delight your customers.

Interested in seeing how Jobba can solve your problems like it did for Kim? Check out our 5 Minute Demo Video!

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