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Generate Repeat Income with Roofing Service Agreements

The roofing industry is extremely competitive and as you’ve probably experienced – companies like yours have aggressive rivals for service and re-roof contracts.


So, you must work smarter, not harder, to ensure that your business continues to flourish. One way you can achieve success is by methodically going after roofing service agreements and maintenance work that will keep your cash flow steady and your workers busy.

There’s a good reason why all kinds of service businesses have moved to a maintenance or subscription model – predictable, recurring revenue! Even traditional product-based businesses try to include a service-based component. Apple sells products, but they also work to get customers to pay for services like cloud storage and access to music because that income stream flows steadily, month after month.

Your roofing business can do the same by offering your customers dedicated service agreements. Offer every one of your new service or re-roof customers a standard service agreement to extend the life expectancy of their roof, maintain their roof, and provide emergency services when needed – for a fee. If you structure your roofing service agreement so that it never expires but your customer can cancel at any time, it’s easy for them to agree to try it out. There’s really no risk!

Over time, you will build a customer base that provides you with steady cash flow. This will see you through downturns or lulls during the winter season and keep your workers happy with steady employment. Most importantly – your customers will rest easy knowing that their roofs are maintained and that they have someone in their corner should they experience a leak or other issue.

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