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Greg Hayne Explains How to Navigate Industry Changes While Staying Ahead of the Competition

Jobba and RoofersCoffeeShop recently hosted a webinar where Greg Hayne, one of the roofing industry’s leading consultants, talked about how service and maintenance procedures are changing for contractors, and how adopting technology can help. 

While many roofing businesses have made operational adjustments over the past few years, some areas of business will never change. Providing amazing service to a customer time and time again, for instance, remains a critical component to creating a strong foundation for every company. 

“Service has got nothing to do with roofing,” said Greg. “Repairs and maintenance are what you do to a roof. Service is what you give to a customer.”  

Greg explained that one of the reasons contractors often struggle with their service departments is because they think only in terms of roofs, instead of focusing on the customer.  

“When your car breaks, you take it to the automotive service department. If the washing machine makes a funny noise, you take it to the appliance store, you call their service department. If your flat screen breaks, you call Best Buy or you take it to their service department. Service has nothing to do with flat screens, washing machines, automobiles or roofs. Service is about what you do for your customer,” said Greg. 

In the roofing industry, a recent trend that has heightened the need for quality service departments is the newfound inclination for home and business owners to opt for roof repairs, rather than complete replacements. Additionally, the homeowners and business owners are also incredibly equipped with knowledge and have higher expectations from their contractors, especially in their service and maintenance departments. 

“Knowledgeable owners today are demanding higher levels of service, they want data and they want contractors that can use technology,” explained Greg. “Now there’s two ways you can look at this. You can whine about this and say, ‘Oh my, all this extra work.’ Or you can say, ‘Oh, this is a good opportunity. Because if we can nail this, it gives us a leg up [against our competition].’ So, these are things that can distinguish you easily in the marketplace, just by addressing them.” 

Learn more from Greg Hayne by downloading the on-demand webinar today!

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