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The Impact of the Industry-Wide Roofing Material Shortage

Industry leader Greg Hayne chats with experts from Jobba on how they’re handling the roofing material shortage. Contractors in the roofing industry know well the impact of this major material shortage we are facing. In a recent webinar from Jobba,…

Top Roofing Technology Trends for Summer 2021

The roofing industry is continuously finding new, innovative technology that improves efficiency and processes, increases sustainability, and helps roofing contractors stand out from the competition. We’ve compiled some of the most popular, cutting-edge roofing technology trends for summer 2021. Keep reading to learn more.

6 Popular eco-friendly roofing trends

As we continue to try to create a healthier planet, a lot of consumers don’t actually realize how much of a vital role the roofing materials used on their home or business can impact the environment. We have pulled together six of the most popular roofing trends that will help your roofing company go green.

The 5 best-rated roofing tools for 2021

Ensuring your roofing company’s success includes a variety of factors. But the biggest role falls to the production and field crews. We put together five of the most talked about roofing tools for crew members.

COVID-19’s impact on roofing businesses

As we move into the last month of 2020, we still find ourselves in the thick of the coronavirus pandemic. Many industries are being affected by regulations and restrictions, including roofing.

Departure of Board Member Dennis Riley

CHICAGO, IL – April 17th, 2019  Jobba Trade Technologies, a technology leader in the commercial roofing industry, announced today that Dennis Riley will be concluding his role as Founding Board Member of Encite Development Group (aka FCS Control).  Riley made…

Encite Development Group Announces Company Name Change

CHICAGO, IL – October 31st, 2018 Encite Development Group, a technology leader in the commercial roofing industry, announced today that it is changing its corporate name to Jobba Trade Technologies, Inc. The company introduced its flagship technology roofing product, FCS…