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How a Service Plan Can Make or Break a Roofing Business

Jobba’s very own David Almario and Scott Keith sat down with Heidi Ellsworth from RoofersCoffeeShop to discuss how having a solid plan for a service department can impact a roofing contractor’s business plan. 

David shared, “A recognized trend, an understood trend that happened over the last 10 years with service is that service is the department that really can help a company stabilize their month to month. I think now more than ever, contractors are aware that there are better margins on the service work, and these better margins can lead to better relationships, providing projects and service work over time. Especially now when things are so volatile, we need ways to stabilize our business.”

What is happening in service in the age of instant, on-demand answers that we are so accustomed to is that property managers want information at their fingertips says Scott. “They want to be able to make requests on demand, they want to be able to see the status, and know the answers on demand when they want it served up to them. The customers we have, that are really growing their service business, really understand that there’s a need to connect to those property managers and clients, to give them more information, and to be able to communicate in the different ways in this on-demand world wants.”

Scott makes a comparison between taxis and Uber. Before Uber and Lyft were in the picture, you had to plan ahead and call for a taxi to get to or from the airport or your hotel. Now you just pull out your phone and summon a car the moment you are ready. Property managers are the same way. They want to have that instant access to information about their facilities and Jobba can provide that for them with the customer portal feature.

Look back 10 years and service work was a lot different with delayed communications, work tickets, and paper invoices. With a customer portal for service, the facility manager has instant access to everything that is happening with their service work any time they want to see it.

Using technology solutions in your service department benefits the contractor too. It allows for data acquisition, connects the field team to the back-office team, and enhances communications with clients, creating a powerful customer experience.

Learn more about how Jobba can benefit your service department and help you plan for the future! Schedule a quick demo today!

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