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How Contractors Can Use Software to Build Their Network

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Learn about this one-of-a-kind integration between Jobba and PRIN and how to be part of it! 


RoofersCoffeeShop® Lunch & Learns are comprised of quick videos designed to bring learning opportunities to the roofing industry in less time than a lunch break. This series is for everyone in the industry looking to nourish more than their bodies during lunch. So, grab your crew and your brown paper bag and get ready for some tasty tidbits!

In Episode 5 of RCS’s Lunch & Learn, join the experts Eugene Zukowski from Jobba Trade Technologies and Alexandria Pegnato from Pegnato Roof Intelligence Network (PRIN) for a conversation on how to capitalize on your software by participating in the right software and contractor networks.

“So our philosophy is, let’s really be that platform that helps contractors integrate those tools that they love into our system,” says Eugene, talking about building holistic software solutions for contractors. “We want to help ensure that collaboration, help you build those paths, so you don’t end up with data silos. So we really want to be that hub, that one place that you can go to no matter what you want to use, and make sure your whole organization still gets the benefit.”

Alexandria discusses the PRIN system and how it saves valuable time while connecting all the key stakeholders within a company to facility managers using state–of–the–art project management software. “The system was designed for client communication — being able to notify the client of your work order is accepted, your work order is scheduled,” says Alexandria. “So our system, by streamlining those mundane things that are tedious, but important, we’re able to really focus on the quality of work and problem sites or emergencies.”

There are three main learning objectives to this Lunch & Learn:
1 – Working with a contractor-driven development software company.
2 – Benefits of joining a contractor network.
3 – Benefits of integrated software and networks.

Alexandria talks about their integrated partnership program with Jobba, explaining, “We initially had our own client portal, but we also noticed clients had their own systems. So, we integrated on the client-side.” This made it easy for facility managers and the retailers to use their work order systems to place or track orders, however, on the contractor side, it was a lot of paperwork.

“So my thought was — instead of having me build some type of contractor portal, why don’t I partner with somebody who already figured it out, and find a way for us to connect with them so that we can essentially connect the customer with the contractor all through the platform,” says Alexandria.

“It’s working quite well, and it’s really helped them,” says Eugene. “When we looked at the workflow and how we could really help, everybody was: let’s take away some of that manual effort. Let’s automate the things that need to be automated, let the contractor do what they do best, which is fix and repair and get that stuff done. It’s made the overhead of doing the work a lot less. So, it’s a lot more efficient.”

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