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How Roofing CRMs Can Help You Get Ahead of Your Competition

Running a roofing business can be extremely difficult due to the sheer number of competing businesses in your local market.

So how do you make yourself stand out from other generic roofing companies in your area? The short answer: Roofing software. Check out some of the biggest ways roofing CRMs can actually help you stand out against the competition.

Increased productivity

Productivity is key when attracting new customers. They want to make sure they are choosing a contractor that will be able to handle their project in a timely manner. Some of your competitors might have a much longer project timeline, but when you have roofing CRMs, you have the ability to complete multiple projects faster, without compromising quality.

Roofing software allows teams from sales to field crews to office staff to be able to handle all incoming work. For example, if your sales team is spending too much time on creating estimates or contracts, they can use templates to create estimates and deliver to customers almost instantly. This allows for quicker start dates on projects and moves them to the next phase faster compared to other contractor businesses.

Streamlined processes

If your processes aren’t in top shape or if you notice things falling through the cracks, your competition could have a leg up on you. When your operations are firing on all cylinders, you have the ability to complete work faster, handle more jobs, keep customers happy and reduce the number of mistakes.

Technology for roofers, like roofing CRMs, helps you create, implement and maintain processes to make sure nothing falls behind or gets missed. With features like project management tools, you can easily move projects from the sales stage to production to billing.

Exceptional customer service

One major thing that sets you apart from other roofing contractors is how your customers feel about the service they receive. We live in a very review-driven environment. So when someone is searching for a local roofing company, chances are they are going to pick up the phone and call the one with the best customer feedback.

A lot of contractors are surprised to see how their roofing CRM can actually impact and enhance the customer experience. Like we mentioned before when your processes and productivity are improved so is your customer satisfaction.

Innovative and interactive tools

It’s important to have tools to help your roofing business navigate the modern world—especially one where coronavirus is still a threat. While many contracting companies still prefer to do things the old-fashioned way with a pen and paper, you can provide your customers with easy and instant access to help get their projects moving immediately.

Jobba’s roofing software offers roofers electronic and mobile tools to help with everything from the sales process to billing. For example, we provide templates to create estimates on the spot and eSign features to retrieve contract signatures. Not only does this help keep the ball rolling, but it also helps eliminate issues that could come from a handwritten estimate.

With all of the competition in your market, you want potential customers to know you are the best. The first place to start is by adding roofing software to your business. Set up a quick demo with Jobba to take your business to the next level.

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