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How Well Are You Communicating with Your Roofing Clients?

The better your communication, the better your customer experience. The better your customer experience, the more business that ultimately comes your way!

Imagine you’ve never been up on the roof of a building you own. And, post-inspection, you now know you are about to spend some big money fixing this roof – that you’ve NEVER. EVEN. SEEN. This is how a lot of your customers feel! So, how do you leverage communication to help them feel that they are a part of the process? How do you increase visibility into the work you are doing on their roofs? Communicating with your roofing clients is critical to operating a good business! 

In order to keep your customers in the loop, you’ll want to inform them of your activities and progress every step of the way. You can do this in many ways – with project start and end email notifications, periodic service updates via email or text, providing them access to roof data like aerial images, deficiency photos, section measurements, core cuts, etc. You can even provide them with tools to assist them in the budgeting process as well.

But, to maximize time and efficiency, it makes sense to use roofing software to automate real-time communications with your customers. It will also deliver valuable roof data to them throughout the service process, that is accessible online 24/7. This not only immensely enhances your customer experience, it will end up saving your team tons of time and energy in the long run.

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