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Increase Profits and Improve Relationships by Offering Preventative Maintenance

When roofing companies offer preventative maintenance programs, they create long-lasting customer relationships — while boosting company profits.

If you’re looking for a way to increase roofing service profits in the long term, consider offering your customers preventative maintenance! In a recent Read, Listen, Watch, we spoke with Greg Hayne of Hayne Coaching Group and Eugene Zukowski, Head of Implementation and Training at Jobba Trade Technologies about the ins and outs of these programs and how to get started.

When you provide preventative maintenance to your customers, not only will you see continuous profits come in, you will also show your customers that you care about their roof. By constantly working with them to keep their roof in tip-top shape through regular maintenance, you are creating a solid partnership with your customers that can’t be beat.

This is a service many roofing contractors offer but have not found success doing so. Greg explains that this is because the focus of their program tends to be on the wrong thing. “When you look at why most commercial roofing contractors try to sell it, they never mention the customer. It’s all about making money,” he says. “The primary benefit for you of selling preventive maintenance is because you need to do it because it’s in the best interest of your customer.”

Another reason roofing contractors may struggle with implementing a preventative maintenance program is because it can be hard to keep track of the general processes like scheduling inspections or billing. One way to ease the burden of these processes is through software automation.

“You want to use software that’s going to help you manage all of these processes,” Eugene says. “Everything from your customers through scheduling and helping you sell… I think it’s important to buy one that was designed for the roofing industry.”

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