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Increase Roofing Revenue by Improving Your Customer Experience

The key to operating a successful roofing business, or any business for that matter, is to provide a memorable customer experience. If you can provide fast, professional, top-quality service and clear communication with your customers, you will close more leads, establish more trust, get more referrals, grow your roofing business and increase roofing revenue faster.

Attract and Retain Satisfied Customers

We have been helping roofing businesses succeed for almost a decade now and have learned more than a few things during those years. When you focus on your customers, your roofing business can’t do anything other than flourish – landing more lucrative service work and repair jobs than before.

The reason is simple – everybody wants to work with a company that pays close attention to their needs and provides exceptional communication.

5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience

  • Project a consistent, professional image with your brand’s logo emblazoned on staff clothing, on your paperwork, digital forms and correspondence, and across your web presence (your website and any social media channels you are utilizing) and on your trucks and equipment.
  • Train all your employees on customer service best practices. One surly roofer or poorly managed phone call or email can ruin even the best reputations. Train your staff on how to be courteous and professional when interacting with customers.
  • Dedicate a well-trained employee to follow up on completed jobs with every customer. Their goal should be to confirm that each customer is satisfied with every aspect of their interaction with your roofing business; from initial contact to site inspection, the job estimate, scheduling the work, and through the entire scope of the project including cleanup and final inspection. This will ensure that your happy customers remain happy and will undoubtedly increase your referrals and repeat business.
  • Create a feedback program and make it readily available and easy for customers to use. This way, customers can tell you what aspects of your operation impressed them and, more importantly, where you need to improve. Use this information to focus on improving future job performance and cultivating even better customer relations.
  • Provide your customers with online access to a webpage that will make it easy for them to communicate with you and to see the exact status of their project – at any time. Incorporate project management tools that can help them track job progress, expenses, costs, and historical information for budgeting and future reference.
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