Interested in Cloud-Based Roofing Software? | Tip #4

Tip #4: The Right Questions to Ask

Today, it’s all about mobility. The days of the big server rooms are mostly gone and progressive contractors can operate from anywhere, anytime. This is only possible with cloud-based solutions. Every step of the process is at the fingertips of management, crews and the sales team. The ability to communicate across numerous, if not all employees, allows for strong communications that correlates into a great customer experience.

Questions to ask about cloud-based software include security, ownership and access to your data. It is your data, do not let any software company hold you hostage. It should be easily downloaded and stored in various locations for redundancy. In today’s world, security is critical. Cyber crime is at an all-time high so be sure that you ask these critical questions. Then, open your world to processes, data and communications that are available 24/7 with the power of the right cloud-based software.

Questions to Ask About Cloud-Based Access:

  • Are you able to access your data anywhere, anytime?
  • Do you have the ability to download and backup information regularly?
  • Who owns the data? (Hint – You do)

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