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Jobba Integrates with Microsoft Power BI

On Tuesday, August 9, 2022, Jobba presented a live webinar to demonstrate its new Power BI capabilities and pre-built reports.

Dennis Keglovits, Jobba’s new Chief Customer Officer, started the webinar by explaining his position and why Jobba added it. Dennis focuses on building a customer-centric culture within the company while enhancing customer experience, advocating and prioritizing new platform features, and expanding and formalizing Jobba’s professional services offerings.

Dennis also explained why Jobba used Microsoft Power BI instead of building a configurable reporting engine in Jobba. Power BI’s features were hard to match with its unlimited access to data, endless integration and ability to embed in a third-party application, secure sharing of visual reports and data analysis, and no programming knowledge is needed to use Power BI.

Ryan Kline, Head of Professional Services at Jobba, showed clients the pre-built reports and how they can access and use them. Jobba has created seven pre-built reports that Jobba’s Power BI users have access to:

  • Sales Activity Report: The sales activity report provides an overview of deals and opportunities in process, according to job type and deal status. 
  • Warranty Report: The warranty report provides a view into warranties by their type and expiration timeframe. 
  • Maintenance Report: The maintenance report displays upcoming inspections and contract expiration dates. 
  • Service Revenue Report: The service revenue report provides a view of the available job types and the revenue each job type drives. Users can view by the client and by the service tech.
  • Service Response Report: The service response report provides performance indicators tied to the completion of service work by job type, client list, and more.
  • Service Detail Report: The service detail report provides an overview of services, dispatches, and inspections. Users can filter by client, property, status, and more.
  • Aged Receivables Report: The aged receivables report shows the state of invoices across customers with the opportunity to split by client name or job type. Users can click a link and be taken to the Jobba platform to view invoices, client information and apply payments.

If you are interested in learning more about these pre-built Power BI reports and what they can be used for, check out our Power BI Video Series. Each video will provide an in-depth view of each report, how to access them, and how the user can use these to get better insights into their business.

Fill out the form to download the Business Intelligence Reporting + Visual Analytics Guide to learn more about Jobba’s Power BI reporting features and the pre-built reports!

Jobba’s Business Intelligence Reporting + Visual Analytics

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