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Jobba Discovers The Largest Estimating Challenges For Roofing Contractors

Estimating Challenges For Roofing Contractors

Jobba Trade Technologies recently conducted a survey of our roofing contractor database to ask some critical questions about their estimating processes and challenges.

Jobba Trade Technologies will periodically survey roofing contractors and use the results and information to better understand and serve users. Jobba also uses this data to help discover new ways to improve the roofing industry.

The survey consisted of a variety of questions about roofing contractors’ current estimating processes and the challenges they are facing. From the results, the most diverse conclusion was the number of challenges contractors face when asked what their largest estimating challenge is.

Here are the top eight most common challenges contractors face when it comes to estimating:

  1. Time Constraints: The time it takes to provide estimates to customers and determine the length of time required to complete a task is lengthy.
  2. Lack of Resources: Contractors do not have enough estimators to handle the workload.
  3. Cost Factors: Challenges in estimating the cost of labor and materials in the current market, including the rising costs of materials.
  4. Consistency: Maintaining a consistent approach to estimating and professional proposals.
  5. Data Analysis: Gathering historical data and analyzing labor accuracy to improve estimates.
  6. Customization: Challenges in drilling down to the level of detail required to accurately estimate unique conditions and customizing how each item is used or updated.
  7. Customer Communication: Explaining to building owners the rising costs of materials and accurately estimating prices for projects starting in the future.
  8. Lead Generation: Generating new leads to keep the estimating pipeline full.

Eugene Zukowski, Senior Product Specialist, and John Kenney, CEO of Cotney Consulting, discussed a few of these challenges during a Read Listen Watch with Roofers Coffee Shop. They identified the issues and debated ways to solve them using best practices and technology. Watch the webinar: Estimating Software and The Roofing Industry With John Kenney and Jobba Trade Technologies.

Jobba also provides solutions to some of these common estimating challenges. It can provide complete and organized proposals generated with a click of a button. All information from the inspection and estimating gets auto-populated into the proposals – creating consistency in proposals and estimations.

The full estimating survey results can be found here: Jobba Estimating Survey Results

To get an inside look at Jobba and how it can help your estimating process, check out our 5 Minute Demo Video!

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